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Well HELLO there!

I thought it was about
time that I got my blog up and running! It will be a platform for my
own writing, other bits and bobs that I think people might want to
share and … well, whatever else I feel like!

To start off here’s my Quote of the Day:

Those who restrain desire, do so because theirs is weak enough to be restrained.
~ William Blake

Song of the Day is REM’s Orange Crush

…and here is a poem that I wrote for my uni portfolio recently:

Theme and Variation

I touch you;
sensual waves of passion
crash over us tsunami-like,
and I am swept away
to be reeled back in,
pouring over your
body’s shore.
I teeter on the edge,
to fall,
to lose
myself in you.

I slither over
white limbs,
salty nectar,
bathed in
ecstatic red.


I touch you; sensual waves of passion whip
And I am lost, transparent as the glass,
Refracting light from where my trembling lip
Desires to kiss, and selflessly I trespass.
I slither over silky limbs aware
That apples lie untouched and wet with dew.
Your moans entice me into this affair,
Temptation smiles; such lust I never knew.
Your confidence lassoes my timid heart
And draws me slowly into seas of love,
Our gentle lapping wake disturbs the lark
And as she starts to sing the skies above
Explode with morning’s red ecstatic rays;
Tsunamis roll and douse our boat ablaze.

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