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Political humour – do US news channels ever say things their happy to admit to?

Question Marks on News Shows Are CNN and Fox just asking innocent questions?

<– END: Question Marks on News Shows –>


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Want to know?

Writing about web page http://www.wanttoknow.info/index.shtml

In preparation for my module STATES OF DAMAGE:
Us writing and culture post 9/11, I’ve begun to browse the internet in
search of documentaries to brush up on my conspiracy theory knowledge
of 9/11 and the current Western “politics of fear”. Bit late in
starting you may think? Well, yes. I can’t believe I haven’t been more
proactive in finding out more earlier…I think it was taking up this
course, and being reminded by the 9/11 anniversary yesterday, that I
don’t know enough about the history and scandal of 9/11 and the
subsequence events of the current “war on terror”. It is truly a
fascinating world of speculation, and quite addictive too. There is SO
much stuff out there that you can easily spend days hopping from one
documentary to the next, one site to the next, one book to the next.

On particularly good site I’ve stumbled across is Want To Know
and the best short film so far, in terms of engagement and atmospheric
filmmaking, has been this one about the plane that allegedly crashed
into the Pentagon

I also began reading 9/11 Stranger than Fiction,
which you can get read aloud to you on google video by a monotone
computerised American voice. Annoying as hell, but worth it for the
article if you’re too lazy to read the book/to poor to buy it 😉

probably all seen/read these before…but they’ll be interesting for
anyone else doing the course or wanting to follow up 9/11. I guess I’m
a latecomer huh? I’ve just suddenly been hit by this extremely urgent
need, more so than usual, to understand better the political situation
that we’re faced with today, and the only way to understand it better
is to begin with the tragic event that kicked it all of in recent
years, 9/11.

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Writing about web page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mukhtaran_Bibi

I was driving home just now, listening to radio four and one
particular news story hooked my attention: that of Mukhtar Mai, an
internationally successful figure in the fight for women’s rights in
Pakistan. She’s been in the news lot over the past few years so you may
already have heard about her, but I felt compelled to share my
enthusiasm for this powerful woman.
Mukhtar was gang-raped on the orders of a rival clan in her native
village of Meerwala, Pakistan. Backed by the government, she managed to
recieve compensation and won a court hearing that ended with the
prosecution of some of her rapists, a feat acheived by only a miniscule
minority of Pakistani women who suffer the same fate.
The part of the story that really held me was how she used her
compensation to establish two school is her home province, one for
girls and one for boys, in order to combat the negative treatment of
women with education. She believes this is the only way to create a
lasting impression and ethos of respect between men and women in the
next generation. She never recieved education as a young girl – there
was no school for girls in her village – so she has created the
opportunity for young girls to have what she never experience, and what
she believed would have made a significant difference. What an
enlightened and truly inspiring individual; to use her experience
constructively to combat a taboo, but extremely important issue within
her native environment.
Her latest progression has been to set up a weblog! I’ve tried to find
it but failed…Mukhta is illiterate herself, but she dictates issues and
debates about the unacceptable treatment of women in rural Pakistan,
which are typed up on her weblog by a local bbc journalist. She is
spreading the word and creating an awareness of abuse that has passed
us by silently until recently. Good on her.

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Moussu T e lei jouvents

Writing about web page http://moussut.ohaime.com/

Music front cover

Mademoiselle Marseille
Moussu T
Not rated

This is my find of the week: Moussu T e lei jouvents (Moussu T and
the Yougsters). I first heard about them from the independent arts and
books review, susequently found them on myspace music (wherein I became
their first, and only, fan – but let that not be a reflection of their
talent by any means), and am now particularly taken with the last track
of the album, ‘Soulumi’.
The band are a meeting ground for the cultural diversity and vivacity
of Marseille port, and their music sees the integration of Brazillian,
Jamaican, African, French, and the “Mississippi Delta” to a wonderfully
colourful, blusey effect. The album is categorised as blues, and most
of the songs fit that mould in rhythm and melodic prominance of the
blues guitar, but there are pleantly of reggae beats and barimba twangs
in there to add multinational spice to the flavour of Moussu’s music.
What does this music sound like? Why, like Marseille of course!
Literally…the cosmopolitain sounds of its many co-existing people, the
creak of ships, the rough friction of ropes, the strumming
repetetiveness of waves crashing. Simple, raw and laid back, yet
exciting music…kind of like a curry – full of different flavours that
blend perfectly together.
Have a listen to the full version of Soulumi, or get a broader perspective on the whole album here.

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