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Here or There?

Writing about web page http://www.hereorthere.com/members/intotheflame


I’ve been writing travelogues again recently, this time for
hereorthere.com and you can check out my stuff at the above link!
There’s pictures and stuff about my USA, Sri Lanka and Europe trips so do have a gander…

It’s a tres cool site with lots of wonderful travel experiences to
read about so you’ll enjoy browsing other members’ writing while your
on there, if travel’s your thing!

Why not join up and make your own profile…I know loads of you have
been/are currently traveling and it would be a cool way to show
everyone what you’ve been up to…

Other than that I am finishing up the feature on Iranian
contemporary literature and culture that I’m doing for The Warwick
Review. The issue will be out in september so what ths space for more
news on that…

I’m off to enjoy the sun, before it starts raining again!

ciao for now x


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