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Pharmacology has a sense of humour, apparently!

This “wonder-drug” is in fact a lifestyle choice, cleverly packaged
into a drug parody that had me chuckling for some time! Check out http://www.fukitol.com for more details!

And as for the inspiration of this drug, though I’m not entirely
sure which one came first, check out this snippet from a Robin Williams
stand-up show:


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A “found” joke

Reading Incoherant Empire by Michael Mann and I came across this…have a chuckle:

Palestinians tell of an apocryphal UN world survey
containing the question “What is your opinion about the food shortage
in the rest of the world?” They say the survey failed because in Africa
no one knew what “food” meant, in Wester Europe no one knew what
“shortage” meant, in dictatorships no one knew what “opinion” meant,
and in the United States no one knew wht “the rest of the world” meant.

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Political humour – do US news channels ever say things their happy to admit to?

Question Marks on News Shows Are CNN and Fox just asking innocent questions?

<– END: Question Marks on News Shows –>

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Cows With Guns

Writing about web page http://www.3dweb.no/galleri/stuestolbm/bilder/anim1.swf

One of the funniest animations I’ve watched on the web in a while…it
goes on a bit too long but on the whole it’s hilarious. Watch out for
seemingly docile farm animals – you never know what they’ve got stashed
in their udders.

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